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Saturday, October 15, 2011

i am so smart! s-m-r-t!

i was standing around scratching my pixel ass when my girl stein im'd me all, "MAEVE GROUP GIFT SKIN!" and i'm all "ooo! i can't find the group" and she's all "just search for maeve!" and i'm all "clan of maeve? queen maeve's garden? maeve's friends?" and she's all "look in Mae Moriarty's profile" and i'm all "for real i did that too" and she's all "weird." so i gave up for awhile, til i had the completely amazing brilliant idea of... wait for it..... GOING TO THE ACTUAL STORE. there's a group joiner there, and you can get this exotic bit of pretty in the notice archives:

stuff and things
free: skin - maeve, group gift; eyes - lano ling (may no longer be available?)
not free: hair - armidi; ring - syds!, lovebird ring (either 30 or 50L. can't remember. at any rate it's a steal)


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