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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Laqroki Free Skins? o.O

***EDIT YET AGAIN! Ivey had to change the original freebie because of cheaters (not this blog) to the one pictured below. Please do not tp people directly to it or shout its location so it doesn't get yanked again. It's up until Sunday night!***
Hai everyone! Adaire here with some freebie yum yums. I snuck into S@tch's dressing room for the models to take these pics between lucky chair stalkings...shh, don't tell!

Gidge Uriza gave me the 411 on amazing Laqroki gifties that aren't new but ones that I didn't know about, and I owe her mega smooches! FIVE Laqroki skins with hair, eyes, and a dress with's heaven! You can find the free skins in the "new" section of the skins and the dress in the "freebie" section of the clothes! Each of these pictures shows a free skin...mmm.

Join Evie's Closet update group for $100L if you're not already a member and be rewarded each month with a beautiful dress, this January's ensemble being no exception!

Callie Cline has a freebie for her group members in the front of her shop. Be a "Cal Gal" to pick up "Sharona" in blue. Thanks to Callie for the heads up on Plurk!

Peace out & have a great weekend!

Non-free but fabu:
Picture 1:
Hair ~ Kin (Thanks to Ash for introducing me via her posts to this awesome hair!)
Necklace ~ Violett Voltaire (It's new & most rad)
Fetish Pumps (Black) ~ Sn@tch
Soulful Eyes (Turquoise) ~ Sn@tch
"Sacred" Tats ~ Garden of Ku

Picture 2:
Luth Hair (Charcoal) ~ Philotic Energy

All poses by Snook!


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