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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


What I'm about to an epic love story from the Tang dynasty, listen carefully!

Epic love story: Pincess at home

话说唐朝有个公主名叫怀素 (:P)
Sometime in the Tang Dynasty, there was a princess called Suri (:P)

她十八岁那年, 皇上为他精选附马
When Suri was 18, the King chose her a potential husband

Epic love story: The Other Ones

Shame, this guy does not take Suri's fancy

怀素公主: "喂, 是我老爸要我见你, 别以为我会嫁给你!!!"
Suri: "Hey, it's my daddy who wants me to see you, don't think I will marry you!!!"

逍遥驸马: "哈. 哈. 哈. 我刚刚想跟你讲这句! 你那么胖, 找谁娶你呢? 别妄想吧!!!"
Guy: "Ha. Ha. Ha. I was just about to say the same. Plus, you're so fat, why would I want to marry you?! Dream on!!!"

Epic love story: Throw some G's and wink your balls off

哎哟..可爱的公主被人痛骂后心情极差, 打算出外游山玩水, 就在那时见到这个舞王书生
After the king's hand-picked potential husband for Suri cussed her off, she decides to go out to play, you know, to take her mind off things when she saw this beautiful dancing scholar

Epic love story: Dance with the Princess II

他的舞姿吸引着公主 她亦忍不住 show show quali
Princess Suri is mezmerised by his dance moves, and begins a 'dance off' with him

Epic love story: Dance with the Princess I

跳呀跳... 看看你劲还是我劲!
Dance dance dance...Let's see who's the best!

玩到傍晚, 是时候返回皇宫
Dusk is near, it's time to return to the palace...

Epic love story: The perfect couple?

很久很久之后, 公主跟书生重聚

怀素公主: "Wah! 为什么你在皇宫到处走?"
Suri: "Woah! Why are you walking around in the palace?"

书生: "公主, 有所不知了, 这一年内, 我找得你很苦! 又没告诉我你是当今公主, 舞后只留下珠钗, 叫人怎找你呢? 留下 email 地址都好啊! 现在我当了御前书生, 专为小皇子教学."
Venturino: "Princess, you don't even know how hard I have searched for you this past year. After the dance off, you left your hair stick. How the hell am I supposed to find you based on that? You did't tell me you were a princess. Should've at least left me your email address or something! Anyway, I am not the palace scholar. My diploma level allows me to teach the little princes to read and write."

With 30 minutes to spare, the Scholar and Princess went to the pagoda for another dance off:

Epic love story: Foolin' Around

Pose bought from Bingo - $1L

That's when they discovered they are in love with one each other! Dancing can do funny things to you!

Epic love story: That's mommy's seat

怀素公主陪小皇子上课 书生站在公主背后指导小皇子
Suri attends class with the little prince, Venturino stands behind her while he watches the prince's progress

怀素公主: "别找借口看下来, 望着前头!!!"
Suri: "Don't you dare look down at me, look ahead!!!"

不久以后 消息传出有人想当怀素的附马
Not long after their reunion, news broke out that a potential candidate wants to marry Suri

Epic love story: But that's my daddy's seat!

怀素公主: "我不要嫁! 见你那么胆大 连龙椅都够胆坐 不如你带我走吧!"
Suri: "I don't want to marry! Seeing you're so brave, even sitting in my daddy's custom made seat made with gold and laced with silk, why don't you take me away?"

书生: "怪不得那么臭了, 原来是你的老爸 (皇上) 的"
Scholar: "No wonder it smells like dead mouse, it's your old man's chair"

Epic love story: Take A Deep Breath, We're about to leave

书生: "准备好吗? 这次一走, 就不能会来"
Venturino: "Are you ready? Once you leave, you cannot return"

Epic love story: READY...TO SAIL!!!

书生: "预备...开...船!!!"
Venturino: "!!!"

add me

怀素公主:"上面风大啊, 来休息一下吧!"
Suri: "It's really windy up there, come down and have a rest!"

怀素公主:"对的, 为什么你的舞功那么好? 是什么秘诀呢?"
Suri: "So why is your dancing so good, what's the secret?"

书生: "都是我对波鞋, 是在 Urban Bomb Unit 买的, 你都应该投资买一对喔!"
Venturino: "The secret lies under my sneakers, I got it from Urban Bomb Unit, maybe you should invest on a pair too!"

So the princess left her palace with the scholar, in a journey to find Urban Bomb Unit for a pair of sneakers.


On Vent:
Ancient Chinese scholars (1L for a week only)

On Suri:
Princess Outwear of Tang Dynasty (1L for a week only)

Both avaliable free at Dynasty Land. Note that there are actually 2 outfits each, for men and women. Once you reach landing point, you need to go inside the building where other clothing are avaliable!

Venturino has his version of events recorded in"Once upon a time in China". Please go and read!


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