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Saturday, April 7, 2012

TRENDS - In the Nude

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In terms of cosmetics, the nude look is great for summer, and very 'this season'. This is a relief for anyone going on holiday to warm destinations, as it can take far less effort than full on slap.

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The base is the most important part here, concealer should be used, and a light foundation or tinted moisturiser to cover any flaws. A peachy blush is all that is needed for the cheeks. Choose a creamy eyeshadow, or one close to your natural skin tone, with a slight shimmer to brighten the eye area. Mascara should be kept to one coat, so that lashes are long, separated but subtle. You can even try lining inside the lower lid with a white eyeliner to make eyes appear more open. Lips can be left with just a slick of gloss, or lashings of lip balm. And all this should take less than 10 minutes to do; perfect for busy people like me.

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Team with natural hair, straightened but not overly sleek. I would suggest straightening and then lightly spraying with hair spray and ruffling with your fingers. This stops it from being too prim.


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