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Sunday, May 20, 2012

All the Flowers Have Gone Away...

Photos by Thom Lennon.

Dress: thrifted
Mary Janes: Target

It seemed like we went everywhere trying to find a good place to take pictures, especially one with flowers to contrast my dress... and as soon as we found a half way decent spot, I found a beautiful 1940's scarf at the flea market just after! ...but we were just so hot and tired to take any more pictures... and even though I did sneak one in (it matched my dress perfectly, so I had to get at least one!), but it isn't as pretty as the ones that Thomas took before.

...I have to admit that I am totally in love with this dress... and though it isn't vintage in the slightest, it's one of my best finds for a really long time. I feel pretty silly saying that though, because I think I may love it so much for the simple fact that I only paid a couple of dollars for what was originally $150! ..And my family will vouch for this; I constantly rant about "how brand names aren't any better than any other names", and "that it's really just a big hoax to get girls to spend more money than they should". (Please keep in mind that I grew up very poor, and I think it's just a defense mechanism)..Then as soon as I get a good deal on a brand name dress, suddenly I am all about labels! Silly, isn't it? Then I feel proud or something, that I have an expensive dress made of 100% silk... when really, I just got super lucky!

I'm pretty excited about the scarf too... I've been diying for one that I can drape down my back, like the girls you see riding in convertibles? Maybe a 50's pink Cadillac..., whoot!


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