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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creating sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity to spread your name and business by bringing new viewers to your website through a personalized feature. Strawberry Koi receives an average of 1500 unique visitors a day and roughly 32,000 hits a month, and grows steadily each day.

Strawberry Koi has also been been seen and featured on a wide variety of magazines, online magazines, blogs and fashion sites. To name some of the most notable features:

- Modcloth's Blogger of the Moment and a variety of other Modcloth features
- Chictopia article and front-page feature
- Modepass front page feature
- Vintage Life Magazine
- Glamour Online Magazine
- Lucky Online Magazine
- Wikifashion

Among features and covers, Strawberry Koi can also be seen all over community websites such as:

- Youtube: Over 8000 subscribers and apart of the exclusive YT Partnership.
- Lookbook: 146 fans
- Chictopia: 400 fans
- Modepass: 240 followers
- Weardrobe: 100
- Facebook: 300 friends
- Myspace: 400
- Twitter: 700 followers

Interested in sponsoring Strawberry Koi to bring these friends and followers to you? Please read the information below for details and guidelines.
  • All ads are handpicked to ensure relevance to this blog's viewers and to better accompany other sponsors.
  • Sponsors receive a 150px wide, up to 250px in length ad-spot at the top-left hand corner, on the inner-side of the navigation menu. Animated ads are not accepted at this time.
  • All sponsors will also receive a follow up "Sponsor spotlight" to share information on their site or business. Second spotlights may be given if a special event or discount is to be offered.
  • Positions last for 30 days, unless longer periods are locked in.

Engaging with readers is a wonderful way to attract viewers. Consider the following ways to fully benefit from your sponsorship and promote your business...

- Featured Giveaway. Giveaways are always fun! Plus, they generate more views and followers than a simple feature.
- Offer Special Discount or Promos. Offering discounts will entice readers to check out your business, bring in new visitors and spice up the feature.
- Use Strawberry Koi to Model your Items. I wont argue! No really, a great way to bring attention to your store is to incorporate one of your items in my outfit posts. Even if it's only to borrow, it's an excellent way to demonstrate the the fit and beauty of the item.

Although I'm sure the design of your ad is already quite beautiful, I ask that colors and images correspond to a vintage feel and color scheme and are not animated. This is just so that sponsor ads do not conflict with each-other nor my own design, and that they are soothing together as a whole. If you do not have an ad or would like one designed, please include this in your request by email with rates and information, and I will gladly design one for you!

If you are interested in sponsoring this blog, please email me for information on rates and to take the first step towards collaborating together. I don't bite, all questions are welcome!


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