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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FASHION - My Little Break to Paris outfit

When it comes to fashion, Paris has a reputation for ruling the couture scene. They had Coco Chanel for a start and it doesn't get much more chic than that! This weekend I embarked upon a Little break via Eurostar to the French capital to take in some Parisienne culture but I kept my own outfit pretty simple, and classic.

I've styled an outfit on Polyvore which shows the look I was going for. A bold shouldered jacket is a definite must-have for AW09 and the pumps are chic but practical. Skinny jeans are still a wardrobe staple too.

There will be more coming soon on the blog about the trip, including what lovely grub I was munching and a map of exactly where I went when I was there. I did have time to pick up a copy of French Grazia on the way back to the train. I thought it would be really interesting to see the differences in fashion... where are they ahead of us, what celebs do they lust after etc. I'm having lots of fun translating, or trying to at least. I was always more of a Spanish rather than French speaker.

Check out the offers for Eurostar if you fancy taking your own little trip and check back on the blog soon for more about my trip.


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