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Friday, May 25, 2012

THE GRAPEVINE - Starving for Fashion

I have to admit I love my food, and I am not sure I could choose between food and clothes, but it seems many women are doing just that. 32% of British females would starve for fashion, and half of the female population are spending more on clothes and accessories each month than they are on food, according to a celebrity fashion website, prompting the new diet phrase “fashiorexia”.

The British public have been gorging themselves on fashion, not food, this summer so far, with nearly half, 49%, of people admitting to spending more on looking good than eating, and 18% of people spending more than half their wages each month on clothes and accessories.

Despite the Credit Crunch and reports that the public are now spending less on non-essential items, 49% of fashion hungry shoppers are spending more on their appearance on a monthly basis than food, according to research of 4,315 female members of the general public by star style stealing website

A huge 32% of the women polled said that they would prefer to go without food if it meant making a fashion purchase, confessing, when asked, to belonging to the term ‘fashiorexic’, pronounced fash-o-rexic. 28% of people claim that this ‘diet’ keeps their weight in check. When broken down further, a huge 52% of 18-25 year olds belong to this train of thought.

71% of 18-25 year old females spend £150+ per month on clothing and accessories, of which 16% spend more than half their wages on looking good.

Speaking about the results, celebrity fashion website Head Fashionista, Jill Tovey said,

“Fashion is clearly still a thriving industry, despite the economy. More people are searching for the best deals and bargains online rather than traipse the high streets, and clearly enjoying themselves whilst doing it!”


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