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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inspiration Day... Shorts and Bows

I'm still debating the method in which I share my inspirations... I went ahead and rounded up both sets of inspirations this week into one post until I've decided, but I may end up splitting my inspirations and having more than one "Inspiration Day" in the week... well, who knows... one day I will make up my mind, I am sure of that!

As Summer comes this much closer to an end, I think shorts have really been on my mind... it seems as soon as I start rounding up courage to wear the things, Autumn collections and fellow Bloggers leave shorts behind. So I think I definitely want to get my wear out of my shorts while I still can, and in fact I just thrifted a pair of Tracy Fieth for Target Bloomer shorts that I can't wait to share (although they are exceedingly LARGE, and I will have to alter them to even keep them around my waist... but that's how much I've been wanting them ever since they even came out!). I simply love socks paired with shorts, and I actually think that's a great transition from the Summery way to wear shorts and the Fall-ish way to wear shorts... and better yet, tights.... which I will definitely have to blog about later on....

Yes, bows are my "hair inspiration" today... I am not sure if there is anything quite as adorable and sweet, as one wearing a bow in her hair. In fact, I am so inspired by sharing this just now, that I hope I will be wearing a bow in my hair in one of my next outfit posts...

A little tip I've learned, if you haven't got the money to buy a hair bow, simply make a bow with some scrap material and stick a bobby pin through the back loop... and wah lah! You would have guessed it to be an $8 hair accessory!


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