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Sunday, May 27, 2012

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK - Taer Icelandic Mist Toner

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Iceland is noted for its crystal clear springs and pure water. Natural resources are the perfect addition to beauty products as they are effective but gentle. Taer Icelandic produces luxurious skincare products based on the principles that natural goods are better for people and for the planet. All herbs are chosen from sustainable sources, and coming from Iceland, are renowned for their purity and potency.

I have been testing the mist toner from Taer Icelandic. Ingredients include yarrow which can help remedy inflammation and lemon peel to detoxify. Of course the mist also contains crystal-clear pure Icelandic mineral water, and ingredients that boast anti-aging properties... always a bonus!

My skin was in need of a pick me up, with a few blemishes evident in my T-zone area. I used the mist for just over a week every evening after cleansing, and also whenever I felt in need of a boost to my skin. The mist can even be used after applying cosmetics to add a dewy glow and set make up. Skin immediately feels refreshed and my boyfriend commented on my glowing complexion which was a very good start. It even smells refreshing.

This product would be perfect for sunny holidays when skin is in need of moisture. If we were lucky enough to have a heatwave in this country, I would be tempted to keep it at my desk for freshening up during the day.

I would also recommend this mist for those who work in front of a computer screen all day or spend time in an air conditioned environment. Believe me, your skin will thank you for the extra hydration! Toning mists are ideal for sensitive skin, and dry skin will really benefit from the extra hydrating properties.

Taer Icelandic products make perfect gifts for friends or family.

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