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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sponsoring Strawberry Koi...

US NAVY Woman, originally uploaded by *Miss~Mikaela*.

It's just a fact you learn, that the more you blog and more involved you become in all that it concerns, the more money you have to invest as well... As I go along, I find more and more reasons to pay one price after another... so as a result, and as much as I feel apprehensive about announcing that I am now accepting Sponsors, I am truly excited as well!

...Now, I'm not starting this program just yet... August 31, for my 1st year Blogiversary, I will be revealing a blog-surprise among displaying any new Sponsors that are interested in participating... For those who are interested, a 150x150 banner will be displayed at the top left hand side, and will be covered in a blog post... Until then, and if you'd like to get the process going, please email me for further details or even if you just have questions on the matter... in fact, just email me if you are bored and need someone to talk to... ok, you get the picture :)


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