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Sunday, May 27, 2012

TRENDS - Hair That Speaks Volumes

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Big hair is back! Subtle sixties details have found their way into the Autumn / Winter trends and hair and beauty is no exception. A little bit of back combing is recommended but instead of wild this look should be glamourous and groomed. Team with a sixties style shift dress, pink lipgloss and black eyeliner.

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You will need a good shampoo and conditioner and some serious blowdrying, teasing the hair up at the roots. Using a large round brush will make things easier as will a root lift serum. If you pin sections up then you will no doubt want a firm hold hairspray and a little bit of backcombing will make that all important height possible.

Photo Credit: Simon Pais-Thomas on

The key here though is bouncy and shiny, big hair. Not 80's frizz, or stiff beehives. Celebrity role models are Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Beckinsale... no Amy Winehouses please.


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