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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Urban Outfitters Fall 2010

fashion,urban outfitters

I'm not a super huge fan of the Urban Outfitters Fall 2010 collection... although I do find myself thumbing through the catalog again and again, so I figure I still must really like the looks after-all! I think the looks for this season are a little less 40s-60s and are very 70s/90s... which I find myself feeling fond of in a different way, perhaps more for everyday wear. So, I guess I am saying that I feel a little two-sided, but I do find their lookbook is still worth blogging about, lol.

fashion,urban outfitters

...I also think that a lot of fabulous blogs out there might be getting a little ripped off. These outfits remind me of some of the things I see everyday online, but I guess that's actually pretty awesome, when you think about it.


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