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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ACCESSORIES - Feather Headband by Ayuk and Adaora

I was a very lucky girl last week, winning a Twitter giveaway by Ayuk and Adaora My prize was a gorgeous feather headband from a selection of 4. Each piece is lovingly hand made and on this accessory the feathers are sewn onto a ribbon which is tied around the head. I chose the version with greenish/blue hued feathers as it matched perfectly the dress I was planning to wear to a wedding yesterday.

Ever since I saw Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style post about feathered fringes I have been lusting after something similar. This is a more subtle version of the plume she showed off on her blog. I found that feathers forward was the best way to wear, but you could also tie it round the head boho style or have the feathers facing backwards for different looks with the same item.

You will also notice from the pictures that I now have a fringe. It was a very random decision I made because I was fed up with looking at my forehead... the spot that appeared on it was the last straw, so I now have a DIY fringe to deal with. Who's guessing that next time I go to a hairdresser I get told off. I reckon so.

See more of Ayuk and Adaora on Catwalk Genius or follow them on Twitter for updates on their latest covetable items.


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