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Thursday, June 7, 2012

ACCESSORIES - I Want This McQueen Clutch!

skull clasp clutch bag
There have been a fair number of Union Jack clutch bags hitting the high street and boutiques recently. A few have caught my eye, but none have quite the wow factor of this Alexander McQueen 'Britannia' number.

I actually love pretty much all the bags that have been brought out recently by Alexander McQueen. I hate to say it, but other bags just aren't cutting the mustard in the bag lust department. Now do understand, this is well out of my price range... but if ever I were to be given a very expensive gift of my own choosing, this might be it.

The clutch is made extra special by the fact it is Limited Edition. A mere 20 have been produced and all come with a gold, engraved plaque and swarovski encrusted skull clasp. Which celeb will step out with one first I wonder?


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