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Thursday, June 7, 2012

BOOK - 100 Years of Fashion

100 years of fashion book
I'm partial to a good coffee table book, or anything with a fashion focus. It sounds a bit childish, but I love looking at the pictures. My latest favourite is a book depicting the twentieth century's fashion highlights in pictures, each with a descriptive caption. From ladies getting all dressed up for Ascot to models on the London catwalks, the book delves into everything that stands out about the last century and there are some surprises too. There are over 300 pictures to ogle from celebrity to streetwear. Everything is covered.

100 years of fashion book100 years of fashion bookAfter leafing through this book it just makes me want to see more pictures of what we used to wear. Fascinating stuff and amazing how much of what we are wearing today can be traced to a decade in this eventful century. I wonder what pictures a book of this new century might reveal in another 100 year's time?

Get your copy of 100 Years of Fashion from GMC Publications. Currently priced at £14.99.


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