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Thursday, June 14, 2012

building the wardrobe-

I'm slowly working on the fall wardrobe. Adding a few pieces that I know I will wear daily. I am all about a few great pieces I love. Not spending a fortune on a bunch of trendy things I never touch. Just me. Anyway. To work into my cardigan and flats attire, I ordered two of these. Great basic, nice colors.
And against my better judgement, I ordered this alpaca long cardigan in the darker brown, shown here-

even though it looks terrible ( below )-

is it just me, or does it look awful?! Good heavens, press it before you shoot it! I think without 2 layers underneath, it will be cute. Fingers crossed-

I have to have the wrap up on a snowy day, throw on with Uggs ( yes, I wear them. I know, half the world hates them.. live in Canada, you won't have a choice ;) sweater. Do you have a go to day off sweater?


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