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Friday, June 22, 2012

FASHION - Live Streaming Burberry Prorsum at LFW

Thank the lord for a fashion brand who understand online and know how to get extra buzz. I've just watched the live streaming of the Burberry Prorsum SS10 collection and I just wish I could have done it for all the shows. Far easier than battling it out for a seat at the real thing. There was also a live commenting facility. Perfect!

Here's what I saw...
  • Platform shoes with slouchy ankle socks
  • Chunky angular bangles
  • Cute clutch bags
  • Tightly draped and ruched fabrics
  • Utility style grey and tan belts
  • Shoulder detailed dresses and trenches
  • Twisted chiffon dresses and mini skirts
  • Coat fabrics with a subtle metallic sheen
  • knotted fabrics and twisted tops
  • Simple and clean silhouettes
  • A heavenly palette of soft grey and taupe, pale mints and lemons
Judging from the immediate response on Twitter, you can bet these are all key pointers that the trend-savvy with be looking for as spring nears. Keep your eye out now and be safe in the knowledge that you can wear socks with shoes (and avoid blisters in the process, Yippee!)

Check back at the Burberry website for the on demand video of the show.


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