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Thursday, June 14, 2012

SKINCARE - Nude's Wrinkle Reducers

I was recently given the opportunity to try out some desirable skincare products from Nude Skincare. The brand is the brainchild of Bryan Meehan who was also responsible for the organic supermarket Fresh & Wild. Bryan worked with brand muse Ali Hewson (yep, the wife of U2's Bono) to create a high performance natural skincare range that delivers results, so women wouldn’t have to compromise when choosing natural skincare products.

I got to test the Miracle Mask - apparently Helena Christensen's uses it for red carpet radiance - and I also tried out the Advanced Eye Complex.

The first thing to notice about the Miracle mask, is that it isn't visually that appealing. The colour of the liquid mask is a kind of off-yellow and the smell is a bit odd too. I still haven't decided what it smells like... somewhere between stale bread and leaves. However, this is something that's to be expected with natural skincare, after all, pumping a load of perfumes and colourings in really would defeat the object. The packaging suggests applying a thin layer over the face and leaving on for 5 minutes. There is a very slight tightening feeling of the skin while the ingredients get to work which is nice; it feels like it's working.

After rinsing well with cool water my skin feels fresh and smooth. Following my first time of using this, I didn't notice much of a difference. Yeah my skin felt lovely, but the appearance was unchanged. No one on my morning train turned to me and said "do you know what, your skin looks amazing". However, after using a couple more times I have definitely noticed an improvement in tone and general radiance. And it may be a coincidence, but that spot on my chin seems to have disappeared. Overall this is a good quality beauty product that looks cool on the shelf and does nice things for your complexion... if you can afford it.

Advanced Eye Complex - 15ml - £60.68

Next up was the Advanced Eye Complex which I have been using (almost religiously) for the past couple of weeks. I have about four half used eye creams in my cosmetics drawer which I have abandoned due to the fact that they just don't do anything. I still had the same dark circles, the same few wrinkles starting to appear. This Nude premium eye cream feels much more luxurious than any others I have tried. It sinks into the skin slowly, and I think is best applied at night so it can work overnight.

You don't need much, just half a squidge around each eye does the trick. Always remember to pat around the eye and avoid getting too close. Some of the problem with dark circles can be applying product too close to the eye (or so the lady at Elemis once told me). This one gets my thumbs up, the skin around the eyes looks a bit better and feels fabulously soft. I think extended use would be needed to feel the full benefits though. I'm going to stick at it for another couple of weeks and hopefully my eyes will be simply sparkling by then.

Nude has pioneered the use of pre and probiotics in anti-ageing skincare and their range of exclusive products contain clinically proven bioactives such as peptides, hyaluronic acid and CoQ10. The ingredients and packaging scream quality. My verdict... great products, but at a price. Perhaps not worth the money at 25, but in a few years I will be considering them an investment for youthful looking skin.


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