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Friday, June 15, 2012

SPA - Dove Spa Drift Away Package

I've been excited about the voucher sitting on my desk for the past couple of weeks. I got it from Wahanda, a fab rating and review website for beauty and pampering which sells vouchers accepted in countless spas, hairdressers and salons.

I had booked myself in for a couple of treatments the first of which was today. I thought I would give Dove Spa a try and headed to the one closest to where I work.

After spending ages browsing on Wahanda, I opted to take advantage of a current special offer, The Drift way Package. This offer is valid till the end of October in many salons for just £39, which in spa currency is like pennies. I was drawn to it because it gives you a full hour of pampering including a back scrub, back massage and facial with a little head massage thrown in too.

dove spa beauty pamper treatmentThe room was basic but pleasant with scented candles and Norah Jones playing in the background. My specialist was friendly and helpful, explaining everything before we started. I think this is really important as sometimes people assume that this is something you do all the time and that isn't always the case. I like to be told to what clothes to take off or keep on and where to sit or lie before the treatment begins. A clear explanation avoids any potential embarrassment.

The treatment started with a gently heating back scrub, perfect for softening the skin and reinvigorating the body. I always love getting a back scrub done as it is something that is impossible to do yourself at home. This was removed with hot, damp towels and then it was on to the back massage using lots of jojoba massage oil. Working in an office all day, and sitting at my PC in the evening means that I am almost always suffering from aches and pains, especially in my shoulders. My specialist could feel the tightness and worked on loosening me up. I definitely felt more relaxed once she was done, even though there were a couple of slightly uncomfortable twinges in the process.

After my massage, it was on to the facial. I closed my eyes and really did almost drift off as layers of product were used to give my skin a good treat. I was told that my skin is fabulous already, and very even in tone, so for that reason I think I must be lucky. Either that or they say that to all the girls... All the products smelt yummy and felt even better on my skin. The only downside was leaving after the treatment to find a rainy, windy London and a sticky tube ride home.

See the products Dove Spa use

Now at home my skin looks and feels soft and silky, so I'm really pleased with my treatment. All in all, the process from getting my voucher in the post to walking out of the spa feeling refreshed was simple and satisfying. A good pampering was just what I needed as life really has been super busy of late. I would definitely consider buying the vouchers as a treat for friends of family as a present. Everyone likes to be pampered!

Dove Spa pros
  • Cheap enough for regular pampering
  • Friendly, helpful staff
Dove Spa cons
  • Not quite soft enough warm towels
  • Basic rather than luxurious


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