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Thursday, June 28, 2012

STYLE - Tailored and Simpy Stunning

I think this week I finally got old. Not because it was by birthday (although it was) and not because I found a wrinkle/grey hair. The reason I am now officially old is because I see the merit in a jeans and smart blazer combination.

I know that there are celebs who are spring chickens who carry off the look, take Mary Kate and Ashley for example. But I feel I could not have worked it when I was younger. That said I have always admired stars like Jennifer Aniston who have made this their trademark style. It works; you don't always have to be daring and take risks. You don't even have to follow the latest trends, sometimes simple is stunning.

The smart suit jacket is even appearing more frequently on the red carpet with Gwyneth Paltrow being on of the latest to sport one with a leather skirt. At this transitional time of year, the blazer is perfect for keeping you warm, but not overheating you like a wool trench coat would. Try Next, Principles, Debenhams for a high street Blazer fix. For something quirky or different shop smaller, smart boutiques.

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