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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Swans Island Blankets

Hand loomed blankets crafted by very skilled and talented artisans using organically dyed merino yarn, harvested from the finest fleeces of Corriedale sheep. Sound amazing? Let me introduce Swans Island Blankets.
If you can't get to Maine, a visit to the site is a must. You will find the most beautiful blankets and throws, scarves and wraps, a rare collection of blankets, and the finest craft work I have ever seen. Now if you can get to Maine, I hear the doors of Swans Island Blankets are always open to new visitors and friends, so I urge you to visit.

Here are just a few of my favorite things-

( not only do I adore this blanket.. I have this little chair! It was my great grandma's, now in Laurens room :)
Amazing indigo, did you know this?

The Indigo herb has been the source of Indigo Blue for thousands of years. The dye, called Indican, is produced as the leaves of the plant are fermented, exuding a rich paste which turns blue when exposed to air. This paste is processed into cakes and then finely ground into the powder used to make the dye. As well as producing a rich, deep blue, wild Indigo is said to help stimulate the immune system, and act as a mild antiseptic.

A baby blanket, what a keepsake! Truly an heirloom piece, to be enjoyed by generations-

Amazing blankets, twin to king, and throws for the sofa. Gorgeous wraps and scarves, perfect for fall!
Welcome Swans Island Blankets.. I am so happy to have you here! xx


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