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Friday, June 8, 2012

TIP - Dye it Right: How to Avoid a Hair Disaster

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Here are some tips to make your home dye job a success...
  • If you often use styling products make sure that your hair has been cleaned the day before dying, preferably with a deep cleansing shampoo. This will get rid of any build up to ensure that the colour takes to the hair evenly.
  • Avoid washing your hair the same day you dye it. The oils produced by your scalp help keep hair moisturised.
  • If possible, get an experienced friend to help out. You need to be able to see if you have missed any spots and I don't know many people who can see the back of their own head.
  • Section the hair out to make sure you have evenly distributed the dye.
  • Put some moisturiser or Vaseline around your hairline before you dye the hair to stop it staining your skin. If you still get some on your skin then Whitening toothpaste will get rid of it.
  • Try and stick to a few shades lighter or darker. For anything more dramatic you really need to go to the hairdressers.
  • When you rinse the dye off, give hair a blast of cold water right at the end. This helps to lock in the shine.
Once you have done all this, just wait for those compliments to come flooding in. Has anyone had any home dye disasters or tips they want to share? Comment below.

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