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Thursday, June 28, 2012

TIPS - Remedy a Bad Hair Day

Some days just aren't worth getting the hair brush out for, let alone the tongs and irons. On days like this, what you really need is a quick fix that will have you out the door and looking presentable in no time at all. Here are my favourite hair drama fixes...

The Quick Slick Ponytail

Apply some gel, or straightening balm around the hairline to tame any flyaways, be sure to check all the way round and by your ears too. Tie the hair in as high a ponytail as you can without any hair escaping. Finish with a spritz of lasting hold hairspray. I recommend MOP.

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The Careless Bun

Grab some tongs and loosely curl the ends of your hair, without being too prim. Bring back the hair loosely with your fingers and allow some to tumble down. Fasten into a bun with a twist and if required pop in some grips to hold things in place. To finish opt for some high shine spray to allow movement. I recommend Charles Worthington.

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Low and Behold

Comb hair backwards from behind the fringe (if you have one). Take the hair loosely with the fingers and tie in a ponytail at the base of the neck. Pop a wide headband on and the job is done. If headbands are not your thing, then try a flower adorned hairband to brighten things up.

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