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Sunday, June 17, 2012

TUTORIAL - Doe Deere Does the Elfish Look

Post brought to you by Doe Deere, singer, model and blogger.


* Lime Crime eyeshadows: Mermaid Green, Circus Girl Yellow, Nymph (white/gold sparkle highlighter), Duchess Blue.
* Lip color: hot pink lipstick + violet pigment.
* Blush: Ben Nye rouge in Fuchsia
* Lip liner: dark pink
* Eyeliner: liquid liner in black, pencil in turquoise blue
* Mascara, false eye lashes


I wanted something ethereal, magical, elfish. Mermaid green is one of my favorite colors, ever - it goes on smooth, vibrant and super shimmery!

To achieve the brightest color, dab some eyeshadow base OR your favorite foundation over the eyelids with a foam sponge, prior to applying eyeshadow. The color will go on even brighter if you use a wet brush!

Click here for full tutorial


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